Reimagining Calgary’s Business Landscape: A Look at Impactful Startups

Calgary’s business landscape is witnessing a dynamic shift as innovative startups disrupt traditional industries. These startups not only contribute to economic growth but also address various societal needs. This article takes a look at some impactful startups that are redefining the business scene in Calgary.

1. Benevity

Benevity is a global leader in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software. By encouraging businesses to be more socially conscious, Benevity is redefining the role of business in society and shaping Calgary’s reputation as a hub for tech and innovation.

2. ATB Financial’s Brightside

Brightside by ATB Financial is a fintech startup providing a free banking app that helps Albertans to save for what matters most to them. It showcases Calgary’s potential in the fintech industry and its dedication to financial inclusivity.

3. Neuraura

Neuraura is a bio-tech startup that develops next-generation brain sensing technologies, with the potential to revolutionize how we understand and treat brain conditions. The company represents Calgary’s progress in the biomedical sector and its potential in advancing healthcare.

4. ZeroKey

ZeroKey is a tech startup specializing in spatial digitization. Their innovative technology, which provides millimetre-level digital interaction, has wide-ranging applications from virtual reality to advanced manufacturing. The company’s global success underscores Calgary’s strength in the tech industry.

5. Veerum

Veerum is a SaaS startup that has developed a cloud-based platform for industrial project owners, reducing cost overruns and delays. By bringing digital solutions to traditional industries, Veerum is showcasing how Calgary’s startup scene can impact sectors far beyond tech.


From tech and finance to health and industrial planning, Calgary’s startups are pushing boundaries, disrupting traditional industries, and reimagining what’s possible. The success of these startups not only puts Calgary on the global map but also encourages a new wave of innovators to step forward, promising a bright future for Calgary’s business landscape.