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Speech of Suzanne de Courville Nicol

Founding president, Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary,

For the official launch of the Fonds BVC/SdCN Endowment Fund

Restaurant La Chaumière, Calgary, AB

December 5, 2013 – 2:00PM – 4:00PM


Suzanne speaks about the BVC's mandate and explains the difference between the BVC as a non-profit organization and the Fonds Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary/Suzanne de Courville Nicol Endowment fund officially launched today.

(details follow speaking notes below)


Speech begins:


If I could meet someone from the past, other than our Francophone Pioneers whose stories inspire me to move forward, it would be the inspiring Ralph Waldo Emerson. ᅠHe said, among many other memorable things:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ᅠ...that's exactly what we're doing with the BVC.


Meet some of Calgary's Francophone Community Trailblazers and dear friends of mine, founding members of the BVC.... Dany Côté – Ann Boiteau - Estelle Valois and Marc Lalonde (physically unable to be here today)


Some of our accomplishments and projects:

Hello-Bonjour Alberta (formerly H-B Calgary initiated in 2012 by Franco-Fun Calgary Productions ... oui, c'est moi)

1. « Parlez-vous ... ? » ᅠᅠAlberta Francophone and Francophile personalities ᅠand community leaders share their stories, in English & en Français ! ᅠᅠi.e.: ᅠBrian Pincott, City of Calgary Councillor Ward 11 - Stampede Royalty – Robert LeBlond architect/Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump – to name only a few special guests featured on our program in 2013.

2. First ever Calgary Francophone Community Calendars 2014 ᅠavailable here or on order – They feature photos of all 21 Hello-Bonjour Calgary episodes on Shaw TV – including photos of our lovely Calgary Stampede Royalty - as well as various activities held throughout the year

3. Bringing our history to Life - Historic Float in Calgary Stampede Parade 2012 & 13 – see calendar for history of the Float

4. Keeping our history alive - Heritage Park - in the works

5. Spreading the Word ! ᅠTeaching our history to all Calgarians – adults as well as students

6. Ken LaPointe's ppt: “Rouleauville - Calgary's French Connection” translated to French by le CDÉA /Joad Clément; (Conseil de développement économique d l'AB), both recorded thanks to Shaw TV at Fort Calgary March 9, 2013 – soon available on DVD

7. 1994 Rouleauville Then & Now: ᅠTV special researched, writen, hosted and produced by yours truly in 1994 – The City of Calgary's Centennial - now available on YouTube

To name only a few exciting accomplishments


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

That is the magic of what has been happening and is happening here today.


.... Launching Fonds BVC/SdCN etc.


Explain ... little frog on our banner ... Feu Roger Lalonde, Order of Canada - ᅠand the story of the little frog that could ...

Our dear friend Roger Lalonde passed away at age 80, two years ago already.

Roger collected frogs and the little frog you see at the bottom of the Calgary Tower on our gorgeous new banner, is there in his memory.

A little story for you about the “little frog that could” ... a bit like the little train that could...

...some little frogs gathered at the bottom of the Calgary Tower (Look at BVC Banner) and felt overwhelmed at its height! ᅠ“We will never be able to climb to the top ... it's much too high!” they continued saying as they started the long climb up... “No way can we do it” they kept saying and sure enough, one by one, they gave up ... except for one little frog who just kept right on going until reaching the top! ᅠThe others marveled at this success. “How in the world was it possible?” they wondered.

The secret? ᅠThe little frog was deaf and couldn't hear all the negative and discouraging remarks.

Throughout our lives, there will always be those who tell us we are wrong, that we can't possibly do what we plan to do. ᅠThat we're not strong enough – that we don't have the means or resources to get things done – that we're aiming way too high... So we have to be like “the little frog that could” and stop listening to the nay-sayers – the voices of discouragement and negativity – because –

if you believe it – you can achieve it !


Thank you everyone here today and for everyone's already generous donations, and please, spread the word. There are SO many generous philanthropists here in Calgary and elsewhere. ᅠI urge one ... or many of you, to please consider supporting “la vitalité et le rayonnement de la Francophonie de Calgary with donations to the Fonds Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary/Suzanne-de-Courville-Nicol. ᅠWe've already reached and surpassed the initial $10,000 needed to make the fund active and our goal is to reach $100,000 as quickly as possible. ᅠThe more our fund increases, the sooner we can start giving back and awarding bursaries in keeping with our objectives. We need you and believe me when I say ....

We'll be your greatest fans ... (photo-op - Suzanne ouvre l'éventail souvenir du Stampede 2012 qui porte le drapeau Franco-Albertain – et que l'on voit de plus en plus ... belle visibilité n'est-ce pas ?)

In closing I quote one last time my greatest inspiration, Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. (although I certainly am ! Ha! ) It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Thank you / Merci beaucoup

Le BVC is ... Le Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary (BVC), was incorporated on May 6, 2013 as a non-profit organization under the Societies Act of Alberta.

Its mandate is to increase the visibility of Calgary's francophonie by fostering community engagement and partnerships, inclusif leadership and encouraging team work, diversity, volunteerism and philanthropy.

The Fonds BVC/SdCN Endowment Fund's objectives are to:

● increase and maintain visibility for la Francophonie in Calgary and surrounding areas by way of unique and innovative projects;

● create new interest and attract increased participation by Francophones and Francophiles (friends of French and Anglophones who speak French) to programs and activities presently available and yet to come;

● promote the little known history of Calgary's Francophone roots and heritage which dates back to 1872 in ᅠᅠthe Mission District, the cradle of Calgary, formerly known as Rouleauville;

● promote and highlight the value and importance of learning and using the French language;

● solicit support from mainstream groups and individuals in order to ensure the recognition, continued ᅠᅠᅠgrowth and developpement of la francophonie;

● maintain and strengthen ties with the Metis Nation of l' Alberta, Region 3;

● maintain, increase and strengthen ties with mainstream anglophone organizations and their representatives at the community, municipal, provincial, national and international levels.


Donations can be made by cheque made out to La Fondation franco-albertaine (please indicate for the Fonds BVC/SdCN on the memo line) or very conveniently on-line by credit card via the link below and also indicating

Fonds Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary/Suzanne-de-Courville-Nicol in the Message box which you will see :




Immediate confirmation and tax deductible receipt for your on-line donation will be sent to the e-mail address which you will provide. Your credit card statement will show a transaction from "CanadaHelps.org".


Donations received prior to December 31, 2013 will be very generously matched, up to $100,000 by M. Gaétan Gagnon of Edmonton.


En français...


Suzanne parle du mandat du BVC et explique la différence entre le BVC même – et la création du Fonds BVC/SdCN. ᅠLes argents donnés aujourd'hui et à l'avenir, vont au Fonds et non au BVC.

Le BVC est ... Le Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary (BVC), créé en mai 2013, a pour mandat d’augmenter la visibilité de la francophonie de Calgary en favorisant le partenariat communautaire et le leadership inclusif et en encourageant le travail d’équipe, de diversité, de bénévolat et de bienfaisance.

Le Fonds BVC/SdCN a comme objectifs de:


● augmenter et soutenir la visibilité de la francophonie de Calgary et régions de façons uniques et innovatrices

● créer un nouvel intérêt, attirer une participation accrue de francophones et francophiles aux programmes et activités disponibles et à venir

● promouvoir l'apprentissage de l'histoire de la francophonie de Calgary qui date de 1872 et favoriser son rayonnement

● promouvoir et valoriser l'importance de l'apprentissage et de l'usage de la langue française

● susciter l'appui de groupes cibles afin d'assurer le rayonnement, l'épanouissement et l'essor de la francophonie

● favoriser l'accroissement des liens avec la Nation Métis de l'Alberta, Région 3

● favoriser des liens avec des représentants et organismes de la majorité anglophone aux niveaux communautaire, municipal, provincial, national et international


Les donateurs peuvent faire un don par chèque à la Fondation franco-albertaine (pour le Fonds BVC/SdCN) ou par carte de crédit qui se fait très facilement en ligne à l’adresse ci-dessous en indiquant Fonds Bureau de Visibilité de Calgary/Suzanne-de-Courville-Nicol dans la boîte à cet effet:




Seuls les dons reçus avant le 31 décembre seront appariés par le programme “matching” très généreux de Gaétan Gagnon.

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